Animal Law

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Montana has unique animal protection laws which impact animal owners, breeders and ranchers in various ways. When you and your companion animal are facing a challenge from a neighbor, law enforcement, or your veterinarian, or if you wish to defend against discrimination, you need an attorney who understands Montana animal laws. We have years of experience in providing a range of assistance including:

  • All Aspects of Equine Law
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Animal Death or Injury
  • Animal Custody Disputes
  • Providing for Companion Animals Through Estate Planning.
  • Animal Discrimination Issues
  • Bites and Attacks

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Animal Law

We know that not every animal owner understands the statutes impacting the animals they own or board; that is one of the reasons we take the time to ensure you understand appropriate laws and the potential outcome of any disputes or transactions you are involved in.

Our services can include drafting and reviewing contracts for the purchase, sale, and lease of livestock; representation in disputes and litigation related to animal transactions and injuries; and liability incurred by owners, trainers, and boarders. We have helped residents across Montana with a variety of animal legal issues, so if you are facing a legal challenge, or require a consultation about legal disputes involving animals, contact Rideg Law Office, PLLC.